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Application Downloads

When viewing a listing that you wish to apply for, if you'd like you may apply online.  A small convenience fee will apply.
Look for the button that says: "Apply Online"


If you prefer to send paper application, please download and email/fax.

Email Address:

Fax Number: 480-807-9762


Application Criteria

Your application must be submitted with the non-refundable $40.00 application fee per adult. You may complete his online (link picture here) or download an application and submit it to our office. A driver’s license or other form of ID is required with your application and it is helpful to include your most recent 3 pay stubs.

Application turnaround time varies, but generally takes between 24 -72 hours. The property will remain on the market until we receive your Earnest Money and Lease Order form signed.

Please understand that Farnsworth-Ricks works for the Owner and reserves the right to choose the best qualified tenant in the event of multiple applicants.

Though some properties owners may vary slightly in their criteria, generally Farnsworth Ricks adheres to these application guidelines.

Income Verification: Your gross income should be at least 3 times the monthly rent. Married couples may combine income. Two non-related persons must qualify individually

Employment Verification: Employment verification is required. Self employed individuals must be verified through tax returns or bank statements

Occupancy Requirement: The number of occupants may not exceed two (2) persons per bedroom

Credit Requirements: Good credit is required. Medical will be taken into consideration. Outstanding debts/judgments from property management companies will be denied. Excessive collections of 6 or more will result in denial. After a bankruptcy has been discharged positive good credit must be established for at least 6 months.

Residency Verification: Previous landlord must give positive reference, landlord must be non-related third-party. Home-ownership/current mortgage can fulfill this requirement.

Criminal History: All occupants over 18 will be checked. Applicant or occupant's criminal background or reasonable liklihood that the applicant or those acting under his/her control will interfere with the health, safety, security, or right of peaceful enjoyment of the resident community is grounds for automatic denial of application.

Pets: All properties have policies on pets, strictly enforced. Please contact a property manager to verify the pet policy for a particular property. Generally cats are not permitted

Application Fee: There is a $40.00 application fee per applicant.


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